It's time to Pledge Your Period In Honor of Menstrual Hygiene Month

Our Urgent Response to the COVID crisis in India

We are heartbroken by the current situation in India and are proud of the work we have been able to do on the ground thus far. Thank you for your generous support during this time. We are committed to serving the over 1,100 rural communities we serve in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and have recently expanded our COVID support to Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. We are focused on both the current immediate need, preparing for a possible third wave, and on the long-term relief efforts that will be needed. Please join us in these critical efforts to support India in this time of need.

For families to access support after the loss of a loved one, ask COVID information, get answers to critical questions, and encourage them to test, seek assistance, and isolate.

We have supplied tens and thousands of food rations, meals, and hygiene kits to help those in need during this time.

500,000 COVID Rapid tests are in the field and being used by our team, local medical staff and more are on their way.

We are helping isolation and relief centers open with beds, food, medical supplies, rapid testing, sanitary napkins, medical screenings, and comfort for isolation and pre-critical stage patients.

We are distributing tens of thousands of COVID kits (thermometers, sanitizer, oximeter, PPE kits, and vitamins), food kits and sanitary napkins. The BiPaps, Oxygen concentrators, and ventilators are on the ground.

As we always have, our focus both short and long term will be supporting the women of rural communities.

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Alleviating health issues that prevent women from working and children from attending school enables the community to thrive and focus their attention elsewhere.

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Vocational training provides the ability to increase household income and an elevated sense of dignity, which improves quality of life.

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Quality education and enrichment programs to equip children with the knowledge to meet the many challenges shaping our world today.

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Empowering women has the power to not only change the economic circumstances of individual families but entire villages.

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Educating and providing children with the building blocks to future advancement allows families to transcend their circumstances.

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Our Pledge

Every rupee raised goes directly to programs that change lives.

Our staff and infrastructure is supported by the founding endowment from the Desai Family and its board members.

Now, as a public foundation, your support helps expand our life-changing programs in India

100% Of Your Donations Go Toward Our Programme Expenses

How You Can Help

Donate to our Masks of HOPEHope, Opportunity, Perseverance & Empowerment

Bal Health MelasHealth Screenings, Vaccinations & Education

Asani Sanitary Napkin Project1 Year Supply of Sanitary Napkins

The Desai Foundation

Wednesday June 16th

Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar
I get to sit down and chat with the President of the Desai Foundation Megha Desai. We talk about the #covidcrisis in #india and how the Foundation is supporting those in need on the ground. We also discuss the stigma around women's #menstrualhealth and how we need to help change the conversation for the 71% of girls in India who don't know wha their #period is before they get it.Megha Desai is doing fantastic work that I think we all need to hear about! Episode 57 is out now anywhere you get your podcasts or click on my site below. www.tuckeredoutwithami.comAlso, please rate and review the podcast on Apple. It really helps! But be nice. I know where you live. #southasiantrailblazers #southasiandiaspora #givingbacktothecommunity #foundation #tuckeredoutwithami #tuckeredoutpodcast #supportindiepodcasts ... See MoreSee Less
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Monday June 14th

Desai Foundation
Happy Pride Month! We hope this month can remind everyone how important it is to broaden the conversation when it comes to menstruation and be inclusive of all voices. Not all women bleed; and not all who bleed are women. But one thing remains certain… we are all BLOODY FABULOUS!.#menstrualmonday #menstrualhygiene #womenshealth #periodpoverty #menstrualequity #desaifoundation #happypride #pridemonth #pride ... See MoreSee Less
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Wednesday June 9th

Desai Foundation
We are so proud to announce our partnership with S.P. Hinduja Banque Privée to launch Heroes For Humanity, which will address both the short and long terms needs to recover from the COVID-19 crisis in India. This will allow us to provide 500 families with stable incomes, and impact thousands of more lives with our work. Read more here:… #COVID19 #IndiaFightsCorona India Today Yahoo Finance MarketWatch Morningstar, Inc. ... See MoreSee Less
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Wednesday June 9th

Megha Desai
The Desai Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with S.P. Hinduja Banque Privée to launch Heroes For Humanity, which will address both the short and long terms needs to recover from the COVID-19 crisis in India. We will be able o provide 500 families with stable incomes, and impact thousands of more lives with our work. We are so honored to work with such an incredible partner and team. Thank you Karam Hinduja for your trust and for your partnership. ... See MoreSee Less
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Monday June 7th

Desai Foundation
Desai Foundation President Megha Desai (@meghatron5) discusses a critical facet of the COVID-19 crisis: period poverty. Seeing the situation up close in India has given Megha much insight on the ways we can all mobilize to combat period poverty not just in India, but for women all around the world.Megha highlights the urgent relief efforts being implemented by our various programs, including the Asani Sanitary Napkin program, which has distributed 1 million pads for women for vulnerable communities in rural India during this time of need. To learn more, find the full article following the link in our bio.#menstrualmonday #menstrualhygiene #womenshealth #india #periodpoverty #menstrualequity #desaifoundation #covid #covid19 ... See MoreSee Less
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The Desai Foundation

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