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We provide several vocational trainings such as candle making, jewellery making and beautician courses to girls and women above 18 years. The courses include technical skill training and English classes. Most of the times, women in our communities develop ideas for vocational training depending upon their interest and need. It helps them to learn new skills while using it to earn some money for their families.


Untdi Vibhag Kelvani Mandal (Shantaben Vidyabhavan), IIT Gandhinagar

Regions Served

Untdi (Valsad District), Gandhinagar


  • 450 students participate in vocational programs

Impact Stories


I have doing beadwork provided by the Desai Foundation Trust. I was unemployed before this. Since I learned this skill, I now earn at least Rs. 3000 per month. This is very helpful to support my children’s education, and I also have enough to buy things for myself. Earning for myself is the best feeling.

Bhumika Tandel

Bhumika Tandel attended a jewelry making workshop at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan during her school vacation. After attending this workshop, she bought materials from the market and started making earrings for herself and her family.

People liked Bhumika’s earrings so much that they are putting in orders with her. Now she makes her pocket money through this skill.


Nita is from Olgam village of Valsad region. She completed the highest degree to become a higher secondary teacher but she did not find a job worthy of her skills, so she joined the candle and diya making workshop. She started earning money selling her diyas and candles. Apart from this she also farms to serve her family.

Interested in partnering with us on this project? Are you an NGO or local government that wants to bring this project to your region? Please email Mittal Gohil at mittal@thedesaifoundation.org to express your interest.
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