Each year 25/ 30 students from NYASA organize Sanjeevni health camp at IIT Gandhinagar for children and women living in neighboring villages. The activities conducted in this camp include a screening of children for health-related matters, required vaccinations for children and hygiene training.

We encourage student volunteerism to promote social activism amongst the younger generation. These programs are designed to build global citizen leaders who take social responsibilities to change the conventional norms and practices that limit the development of many.


IIT Gandhinagar

Regions Served



  • 100 volunteers are involved for Student Volunteerism

Impact Stories


Goutham is a student volunteer from IIT Gandhinagar who helped with marketing for the Sanjeevani Health Camp.

"One of the problems that I faced during marketing was the language barrier, but I tried to talk as much as possible and learned Gujarati a bit in this process. These health camps should be extended to all other surrounding villages also."


Santosh is a student volunteer from IIT Gandhinagar.

"I find it good working for the betterment of needy, who still are finding it difficult for going outside and checking their health. I was totally satisfied with the camp as it can do a lot for the betterment of the people in the village. And also the villagers received us with a lot of love."

Interested in partnering with us on this project? Are you an NGO or local government that wants to bring this project to your region? Please email Mittal Gohil at to express your interest.
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