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Hygiene training is an important component of our health and education projects. Through our projects on health camps, school and vocational training we inform children and women about the importance of preventive care, vaccinations, menstrual hygiene and management, nutritional diet and many more. Our objective is to increase awareness of health-related matters amongst the rural population in India.

With this goal in view, we’ve implemented a Primary School Health, Hygiene, Nutrition Education Project to conduct health education sessions in 14 government primary schools in the surrounding villages, through games and songs on health, hygiene, and nutrition.


Untdi Vibhag Kelvani Mandal (ShantabenVidhyabhavan), Shree Yoganand Sarasvati Education & Medical Relief Trust

Regions Served

Untdi (Valsad District), Talangpur (Surat District)


  • 867 children have been impacted through our hygiene program in 14 primary schools

Supporting the Following
Indian Goverment Social Initiatives

Interested in partnering with us on this project? Are you an NGO or local government that wants to bring this project to your region? Please email Mittal Gohil at mittal@thedesaifoundation.org to express your interest.
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