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Bal Health Mela is a fun-filled health fair for children. We serve 2000 children at a time through these fairs. High-quality medical services and facilities are inadequate in rural India which increases the rate of health risks amongst children. Our objective to organize these health camps is to provide easy access to high-quality health care services to children and their parents residing in remote areas of rural Gujarat.

We provide services ensuring children learn good habits, parents are aware of required vaccinations for their newborns and infants, and children receive proper screening and vaccinations. These camps are a fun-filled happy place for children as we use games and musical puppet shows that increases their interest in learning about health-related matters. We create a happy environment to ensure that children are enjoying while visiting health professionals rather are stressed during check-ups.


Untdi Vibhag Kelvani Mandal (ShantabenVidyabhavan), IIT Gandhinagar, Gram Vikas Trust

Regions Served

Untdi (Valsad District), Gandhinagar, Bharuch


  • 15,500 children are impacted

Impact Stories


"I am Nehi studying in 8th std. I am attending this Bal HealthMela for the first time. I got my dental check-up, health-related information through the Primary Health Centre stall, and learned about a child line and good touch, bad touch."

I love the craft stall. I learned a lot from the first aid stall and good food, bad food stall. The whole Bal Health Mela for me was very exciting and I want to be a part of it every year. Thank you to all the people who arranged it for students like us."


"Bal Health Mela is such a wonderful event that happens every year at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan where children learn health and hygiene activities by playing games. We thank the Desai Foundation and ShantabenVidhyabhavan for bringing such exposure for children in rural areas."

My child is going home with a lot of learning. I appreciate the arrangements that have been made for all children in rural areas. I will never miss this kind of event and look forward to the next one."


"I am Ruti, a 12th grader at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan. I had trouble seeing what my teachers were writing on the blackboard"

"I did not take it seriously. One day there was an eye camp at my school, and the doctor said that I have a vision problem."

"They gave me eyeglasses that day, and I haven't had any problems seeing after that!"


I am Preet, I am studying in 6th STD in Joravasan school. All the children from my school attended Bal Health Mela at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan. I got my dental check-up, bad habit good habits workshop, use of first aid kit, good food-bad food and most important information on primary health care.

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