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Our sewing program is a three-month-long course for girls and women above the age of 18 years. We incorporate entrepreneurial along with the required technical skills in the course. We prepare women and girls for jobs in the textile industry or to establish their own local sewing units. The main objective is to make women and girls independent and increase their level of self-confidence.


Untdi Vibhag Kelavni Mandal Trust (Shantaben Vidyabhavan), Gram Seva Trust, IIT Gandhinagar

Regions Served

Untdi, Gandhinagar (Capital of Gujarat), Bharuch (Bharuch District)


  • 245 students have participated in the Sewing Vocational Program

Impact Stories


Chandaben was a housewife and has two children. She belongs to a typical marwadi family where women are not allowed to go out much. She was able to convince her family to allow her to join the Payal Singhal x Desai Foundation program.

On her first day, She was very shy and covered her head with her sari. Seven months into the program, there has been a transformation in her whole appearance. She has now become one of the most confident and loveliest women in the program.


"I have made so many new friends now. I love to come to this center because I feel so free and get away from my domestic life. This is the only place where I have time for myself. I meet my friends here, we go out together, eat together... I have never felt so special."


"I feel like I am reliving my college days. The moments are very nostalgic and we do as we wish. We are not bounded by any social pressures when I joined the Payal Singhal x Desai Foundation program, it was the first time in my life that I earned money. I was so touched when my son said, In all these years, this is the first time mom bought sweets home on Diwali."

Rinkal Patel

Rinkal Patel is 19-year-old from Untdi village. She lives with her four sisters, parents and grandmother. Her parents are agriculture laborers. Rinkal failed out of 10thstd and did not know what to do with her life. When she came to know about the sewing vocational programme starting at ShantabenVidhyabhavan, she joined.

Rinkal will work in the garment industry or in a tailoring shop after completing the sewing vocational program. Her dream is to run her own tailoring shop once she has gained enough professional experience.

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