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Spoken English Program

Bridging Communication Gaps for Global Engagement


The Challenge

In today’s globalized world, proficiency in spoken English is not just an asset but a necessity. However, in many rural communities, there is a significant gap in effective spoken English education. This deficiency limits individuals’ ability to engage in global conversations, pursue higher education, and access better job opportunities, thereby hindering their social and economic mobility.

The Solution

To address this challenge, the Desai Foundation has developed the Spoken English Program, focusing on practical language skills essential for real-world communication. The program offers an immersive learning experience, emphasizing conversational English, pronunciation, and listening skills. Through interactive methods like role-playing and real-life scenarios, participants are encouraged to actively use and improve their spoken English, gaining confidence and fluency.

The Lasting Impact

The program’s impact extends beyond language proficiency; it empowers individuals to participate effectively in the global community. Improved English communication skills open doors to educational and professional opportunities, fostering personal growth and broader socio-economic advancement.

Engage with Our Mission:

Your involvement in the Spoken English Program can make a significant difference in enhancing global communication skills in rural communities. We invite you to join us in this initiative to empower individuals with the language skills necessary for successful global engagement.

Our Spoken English program encompasses comprehensive training in grammar, tenses, active & passive voice, and constructing impactful sentences. Along with practical exercises, including descriptive writing, role play, and group discussions, ensure a dynamic learning experience.

Spanning both theory and hands-on activities, the curriculum features modules on self-introduction, reading news articles, crafting short paragraphs, presenting stories/skits, and simulating real-life conversations.


Spoken English

Regions Served
  • Gujarat