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Menstrual Hygiene Management Awareness Camp

Advancing Menstrual Health and Dignity


Access & Awareness

The Challenge

In many parts of rural India, menstruation remains a taboo subject, leading to significant challenges in accessing proper menstrual hygiene management (MHM). This lack of access and awareness not only affects the health and dignity of women and girls but also impedes their educational and economic participation.

The Solution

The Desai Foundation’s Menstrual Hygiene Management Awareness Camp is a comprehensive program aimed at transforming menstrual health management in rural communities. The initiative focuses on providing accessible menstrual hygiene products and conducting extensive educational outreach. The program’s dual approach of distribution and education empowers women and girls with the knowledge and resources necessary for managing menstruation hygienically and with dignity.

The Lasting Impact

The MHM program is pivotal in normalizing menstruation and dismantling the stigma surrounding it. By improving menstrual health management, the initiative not only enhances the health and well-being of women and girls but also empowers them to participate fully in all aspects of life. The program’s impact contributes to the creation of healthier, more equitable communities.

Join Us:

Support the Menstrual Hygiene Management Awareness Camp to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and girls in rural India. Your involvement can help foster a world where menstrual health is recognized as a fundamental right.

We believe that Menstrual Hygiene Management is a vital aspect of public health and that everyone deserves the right to manage their menstrual cycle with dignity and ease. The MHM program is dedicated to promoting the importance and awareness of Menstrual Hygiene and Management for girls and women in a community.

Our program aims to reduce the stigma and shame associated with menstruation and empower girls and women to manage their periods confidently. This includes a variety of initiatives, such as distributing menstrual products and providing education and information on menstrual health. We strive to make our program accessible to all and are committed to working towards a future where menstrual hygiene is a fundamental human right.


Menstrual Hygiene Management Awareness Camp

Regions Served
  • Gujarat
  • Maharashtra
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajasthan
  • Karnataka
  • Odisha
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh