We are heartbroken by the current situation in India, which we have been following closely. We are working with our team, organizations on the ground and larger institutions to implement what is needed locally on the ground.

We are also ramping up for the support that will be needed in the future for the 1,000 rural communities we serve in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar pradesh & Rajasthan. We have identified the ways for the Desai Foundation to be of most service immediately. Outlined below is our focus.


COVID RAPID TESTS –  We have secured 449,000 Rapid COVID Tests. 300,000 of which are on the ground, the rest are in transit. They  will be used at COVID care centers/hospitals, and by our volunteers working with local villages and soon at home. We want to thank the Oregon Health Authority, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Placer County Health and Human Services (CA), Nevada State Emergency Operation for their generous donation of these tests.

COVID ISOLATION & RELIEF CENTERS — We currently have 7 isolation and relief centers open with beds, food, medical supplies, PPE, rapid testing, sanitary napkins, medical screenings, and comfort for isolation for pre-critical stage patients. In addition, we are supporting 14 hospitals. And we continue to expand.

COVID SUPPORT HOTLINE (Non-Medical) (Help Desk) – Our Hotline is live and has already reached thousands of people. The line supports people who have lost loved ones to call to seek guidance and support on getting aid, food, financial support, etc. The guide is currently in Gujarati, Tamil & English, and will be translated to more languages.

SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT – We are distributing  COVID  medical kits (thermometers, sanitizer, oximeter, PPE kits, and vitamins). BiPaps, Oxygen concentrators, and ventilators are both on the ground and on the way.  We are also distributing family hygiene kits to keep those isolated at home safe. There are several area hospitals in which we are also providing these supplies.  We are also distributing 500K Sanitary Napkins to hospitals, COVID care centers, and directly to women in need.

FOOD KITS: We are supplying both Food Kits for people  waiting outside hospitals, as well as Food Rations that can feed a family for a month. We have already distributed 10,000 of these monthly ration supplies.

SUPPORT WOMEN – We are in touch with the hundreds of thousands of women we serve trying to support them in any way we can.


All donations will be matched 100% – and 100% of those funds go directly to the work on the ground. 

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